Leading Research, Development, and Manufacturer of Highly Accurate NDT Equipment!

HONG KONG, January 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — NDT-KITS is a foremost supplier of several flaw-detecting ultrasonic pieces of equipment, which are highly accurate in the result and precise in quality assessment. Nevertheless, these NDT testing tools are cost-effective and produce specification-based quality assessments to meet customers’ requirements. These products include ultrasonic flaw detectors, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic probes, phased array transducers, calibration blocks, ultrasonic scanners, electrical conductivity meter, flawed specimens, paint thickness gauge and borescope.

NDT-KITS has a highly responsive customer satisfaction team that responds to all inquiries quickly, giving expert advice and guidance concerning both technical and non-technical issues. For instance, if you have difficulty deciding on the best ultrasonic tool for your quality assessment needs, they give you insight and quality advice to help you make quality and informed decisions to achieve your inspection and testing goals. Moreover, they have various certifications to show their commitment to quality and standardization, including ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certification, CE marks, and EU EN-12668 standard compliance certification.

NDT-KITS has several advantages that have made them more competitive than many of its ultrasonic equipment manufacturing industry counterparts.

Firstly, NDT-KITS manufactures high-tech digital ultrasonic equipment, which removes the human errors often attributed to manual or analog equipment. Therefore, what you get from NDT-KITS equipment are precise measurements that produce highly accurate results after thorough analysis.

Secondly, NDT-KITS offers competitive pricing for their products which means you get both quality and save money if you choose NDT-KITS’ products. What’s more, you get the same quality or even better quality than their American and European counterparts that offer very high prices.

Lastly, you get superior customer service during after-sales with very responsive customer satisfaction, and technical teams attend to any difficulty you might encounter while purchasing their equipment.

The high quality of NDT-KIT’s equipment has given them a wealth of influence in the ultrasonic testing industry and a vast clientele base. Many of their customers have been doing business with them for a very long time and they’ve become lifelong partners for providing ultrasonic solutions to these clients. More so, they’ve been able to satisfy their customer’s needs over the years, which is evident from the testimonials of these customers.

One of such satisfied customers is Intertek Group Plc, a quality and safety inspection organization that has done business with NDT-KITS for a long time. An executive vice president of Intertek, Bill Norton, has this to say about NDT-KITS: “NDT-KITS ultrasonic flaw detector has high accuracy, high quality with a low failure rate. We have bought ultrasonic flaw detectors as well as probes from them for multiple projects,” said Bill.

Richard Abbey, who is an employee of SGS Group Plc, another customer, also has this to say about NDT-KITS: “NDT-KITS has been delivering ultrasonic probes as well as test blocks for us since 2011. Their 1-3 composite wafer probes have a higher precise inspection and can fully replace the available big brand probes. Their post-sales service is also excellent, and they provide quick feedback for any issue that arises,” said Richard.

NDT-KITS has been in non-destructive testing for close to thirty-five years providing high-tech ultrasonic solutions including ultrasonic probes and equipment to meet the challenge of assessing the quality of products without stress. Being the first Chinese company to develop and manufacture a digital ultrasonic flaw detector in 1988, NDT-KITS has led the race to satisfy customers’ quality assessment needs with a commitment to research, development, and manufacture of suitable flaw-detection solutions.

Consequently, this leading reputation has earned them numerous partnerships with blue-chip clients both nationally within China and internationally across several continents and countries. Furthermore, they are endowed with industry-leading experts constituting their team of research and development professionals, which has been instrumental to their timely, functional, and cost-effective development and manufacturing of high-tech flaw detection ultrasonic testing solutions. Additionally, NDT-KITS invests a huge chunk of their revenue on advanced manufacturing equipment, including SMT production lines and probe production lines with continuous improvement programs and add to the number of technicians in their employment.

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