Catheon Gaming CEO William Wu is proud to announce that it is integrating NFT-related blockchain functionalities into its Catheon Gaming Company (CGC) SDK.

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Catheon Gaming CEO William Wu is proud to announce that it is integrating NFT-related blockchain functionalities into its Catheon Gaming Company (CGC) SDK.

This new SDK tool enables web2 games to quickly become a web3 blockchain powered game Web3 blockchain via a simple SDK. Using the SDK, game developers can add in-game NFT Minting, In-game NFT Burning, and In-game NFT Trading features into their games.

“This incredible innovation makes it easy to convert web2 games into web3 games without a blockchain background” – Catheon Gaming CEO William Wu

This innovation hosts the backend architecture and API endpoints for any game to quickly add in-game NFT management features like minting, burning, and trading. This simplified technical solution converts games from web2 to leverage the blockchain without the need for costly software developers to be trained in blockchain smart contracts and costly infrastructure.

This advancement will benefit game developers and players now and into the future in new projects and across its partner base of 77 interested parties, developers, and studios.

These new core SDK functionalities are implemented and are ready for use today by any interested project.

NFT Minting

The minting process is a breeze with the new SDK. In-game requests are sent to the CGC’s backend infrastructure which automatically mints new NFTs within a designated custodial contract.

All NFTs are linked to the backend and are presented in an easy to use dashboard available for troubleshooting and reference.

The dashboard allows easy transfer from the user’s non-custodial wallet to the custodial game contract. The system also supports listing NFTs to secondary marketplaces outside of the game.

In-Game NFT Burning

This feature allows users to burn NFTs inside the game which again starts with a simple API request. The SDK checks if the NFT is linked to the designated custodial contract. Afterwards, the backend transfers the NFT to the correct burn contract on the blockchain.

In-Game NFT Trading

This SDK feature allows for easy exchanges of NFTs for in-game currency. Using the SDK code commands, on-chain transfers can be accomplished with ease. After that, the game can update the currency values for players which had NFTs traded.

In Summary

Although the completion of the backend architecture and API endpoints for the in-game NFT functionalities of minting, burning, and trading is a significant milestone for CGC and its SDK, it is important to note that the company remains dedicated to continuous innovation to support game developers and players.

Catheon Gaming’s commitment to research and development is unwavering, and is excited to share future updates as its work progresses.

Interested in learning more? Visit the CGC SDK documentation to learn more

Catheon Gaming, founded by William Wu (Catheon Gaming CEO) is one of the largest integrated blockchain and entertainment companies. The company offers end-to-end support across blockchain fundraising, integration, project execution, and publishing. The complex Catheon ecosystem is supported by its comprehensive gaming platform and launchpad, Catheon Gaming Centre.

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