Attorney Michael Hackard has developed the Hackard Method, making it easier for the disinherited to secure legal representation using contingency fee agreements.

SACRAMENTO, CA, April 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — In all estate matters in California, there are standard statutes of limitation during which a person can make a claim against an estate. Time is of the essence, and attorney Michael Hackard, a Sacramento attorney, understands the nuances of estate law and is committed to advocating for aggrieved beneficiaries.

The law does not favor people who wait. In fact, there are time limitations that apply uniformly throughout the state of California with regard to estate challenges. Unfortunately, all too often, people who face disinheritance are swept up in the emotions that come along with the loss of a loved one, in addition to the issues regarding their inheritance.

Veteran attorney Michael Hackard recommends, “When it appears that you are cut out of an estate, probate distribution or inheritance from a trust, you should probably seek legal counsel. It may be possible to hire an attorney on a contingency basis using the time-tested Hackard Method.”

If you seek an attorney for representation in an estate dispute, it may be expensive, especially if the attorney utilizes hourly rates. A contingency fee arrangement may be appropriate in certain circumstances when a money recovery or something of value might be awarded. Attorney’s fees can even be recovered if there is a favorable outcome.

The contingency fee percentage is usually based on any award, verdict, judgment, settlement or compromise. Arrangements can be tailored to each case and can be the key to giving an aggrieved beneficiary a fighting chance.

With over four decades of experience, the attorneys from Hackard Law are committed to broadening their knowledge base and are fully dedicated to their clients. From initial consultation through each stage of a lawsuit, they ensure that each client receives the personal attention they deserve. Hackard Law supports a wide range of legal needs, including elder abuse, estate, trust and probate litigation, as well as providing legal support to businesses.

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