Google has been on an expansion campaign as of late, after purchasing GIF platform Tenor and Lytro, an imaging startup that specializes in light-field technology. Recently, it is rumored that Google has set its eyes on Opiria- a decentralized market for buying and selling personal data.

Google has a great reputation regarding the positive development of affiliated companies, with Android being a prime example of an associated company blossoming under their care. After being bought, back in 2005, for an astounding sum of 50 million USD, Android has become a household name with a stellar reputation, and is constantly being improved upon.

Opiria prides itself on creating a platform that delivers high-quality security to its users as well as full control over their personal data. Their unique concept of restoring control over personal data to everyone and ensuring they can sell said data to whomever they choose portrays an agreeable appearance that they wish to uphold and expand upon.

They have done so recently in an interview for Nasdaq, where Dr. Christian Lange (Opiria’s CEO) has spoken more extensively about how Opiria operates and what are their future projects. Mr. Lange shared valuable information regarding the manner in which our personal data is being handled as of now and the distasteful means of data misappropriation that transpires without our knowledge or agreement.

Christian Lange continued to explain that data brokerage is a multi-billion dollar business per year – 250 billion USD to be more precise – from which only brokers and companies stand to benefit.

Opiria could be of great use to Google, due to their ability to protect and track personal data, and most importantly, providing users everywhere with an online tool that gives them complete freedom of choice regarding who they sell their private information to. Considering that as of late, the number of internet users who are taking a significantly larger interest in the whereabouts of their data increases, Google would secure an investment of great importance for the future of trustworthy relationships with all their clients.

We should have complete control over our private data and Opiria strives to deliver a safe environment for this purpose, as well as the power to see where our private information will be distributed to once we sell it. In this manner, we can double check that it has been sent to the company of our choosing once the acquisition details have been established, thus rebuilding a trustworthy relationship with companies that was lost so long ago.

In this modern day and age, where using the internet for most professional and personal tasks has become de rigueur, it is imperative that companies understand and respect their client’s need for privacy. As Dr. Lange himself has astutely declared: “our personal data is the oil of the 21st century”, and we must ensure its protection, for it is the most valuable commodity we possess nowadays.