Designed for Gen-Zers, Millennials, and semi-retirees to find real-world financial education.

HONOLULU, HI, March 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — CEO Aaliyah Cotton is pleased to announce the launch of IdeaEconomics and its accompanying YouTube channel, aimed to promote financial literacy and education among Gen Zers, Millennials and semi-retirees.

The purpose of IdeaEconomics is in providing and embracing financial literacy in everyone, as most were not taught the importance of financial education.

“We often learn from our families, surroundings and what we see in the media,” said Cotton. “At IdeaEconomics, we are passionate about breaking through that barrier to help educate people on numerous financial topics to achieve financial independence.”

The site offers regular content in the realms of taxes, investing, stocks, building credit, financial strategies and goals, finance basics and detailed information regarding the rich.

Cotton has five years of experience in the financial sector, including a life insurance license, having founded IdeaEconomics in August of 2021, and is now bringing it to fruition. She has a bachelor of science in communications and international business from the University of Arizona and is currently working toward claiming a certification in business analytics, economics for managers and financial accounting, from Harvard Business School.

She also serves as the founder and executive director of Cherrybee Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides free financial education and resources across the United States.

In addition to IdeaEconomics’ website content, Cotton takes the spotlight and also provides financial literacy and education videos via the official IdeaEconomics YouTube channel.

About IdeaEconomics
The purpose and mission of IdeaEconomics is dedicated to providing financial literacy for everyone. The importance of financial literacy and financial education is often not taught in school. Many learn from their families, surroundings, and what is seen in the media.

IdeaEconomics is passionate about breaking through that barrier to help educate people on these topics: taxes, stocks, credit, the rich, financial strategies, the basics with finances, and much more. For information, please visit

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