The ILLUSIO augmented reality Virtual Mirror platform transforms a verbal discussion into a visual experience to improve a patient’s understanding of all of the possible outcomes of surgery.

San Clemente, CA – ILLUSIO, a leader in augmented reality visualization systems for breast augmentation, and Mentor Worldwide LLC, the global leader in breast aesthetics and reconstruction, have formed a global collaboration to help improve the dialogue and discourse between plastic surgeons and their patients. ILLUSIO has developed innovative technology for healthcare providers that unlocks the ability to have a visual discussion with patients, and it is well-documented that comprehension is greatly increased with the addition of visual aids.

The collaboration of ILLUSIO and Mentor is demonstrative of an education-based approach to empower patients as much as possible with tools such as visualization to help them make informed decisions. The augmented reality ILLUSIO virtual mirror platform helps patients convey their preferences and allows plastic surgeons to educate their patients on the potential outcomes.

“Our market research clearly shows that over 95% of women who are considering breast augmentation would prefer to see a surgeon who is using a visualization platform such as ILLUSIO. It enables them to fully comprehend what their plastic surgeon is envisioning for their body,” say Ethan Winner, CEO of ILLUSIO.

Winner continues, “We are looking forward to working with the #1 global brand in breast aesthetics and enabling their customers to have real time visual conversations where they can simulate a breast augmentation for patients in real time as they’re looking into a Virtual Mirror.”

Mentor and ILLUSIO will be launching in markets across the United States. As part of this initial campaign, ILLUSIO will be offering a risk-free trial and a discounted subscription rate available only to Mentor customers.


ILLUSIO is a medical software company based in San Clemente, California which specializes in augmented reality visualization systems for plastic surgery. Their current platform combines a fluid and lifelike 3D virtual image of a patient’s breasts with a live image of her face and body to transform a wall-mounted TV into a virtual mirror. The proprietary artistic adapters and deformers allow surgeons to easily manipulate virtual models to quickly replicate any real-life breast characteristics thereby creating a tool to enable a visual conversation between a surgeon and patient.

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