The company seizes the opportunity to expand the country’s value chain and establish itself as a global leader

FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN, September 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kireina Suiso, a leading provider of cost-effective and reliable green hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions, focused on leading the energy transition by optimizing its portfolio, speeding renewables growth, and pioneering carbon capture and hydrogen value chain development, is pleased to announce its alliance with several small and medium-sized companies in order to develop a diversified portfolio of innovative renewable, storage, and green hydrogen projects.

The initiatives include investments in green hydrogen storage for fertilizer production, industrial operations, heavy transportation, and large-scale electrolyzer manufacturing. A diversified portfolio represents an opportunity to expand the country’s value chain and establish the local industry as a global leader. Almost all of the autonomous communities can be involved in this activity, which would help to structure the territory and create industrial and innovation prospects in a booming market with a significant export component. Collaborative project development is meant to combat climate change by reducing the release of thousands of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

One of the common objectives is to improve the competitiveness of the local industrial infrastructure, allowing for a short-term green recovery as well as the economy’s development in the medium and long term, orienting it towards future industries. The advancements will contribute to the green and digital transformation agenda, and are in line with the recovery, transformation, and resilience framework.

Kireina Suiso has already established itself as a leader in the use of green hydrogen as an alternative to electricity in some industrial operations and heavy transport. In addition to other initiatives supported in the primary areas where it works, the company continues to support alliances for the development of green hydrogen projects.

About Kireina Suiso is developing an end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem, from production to storage and distribution to energy generation, to assist its customers in achieving their objectives and reducing carbon emissions. The company provides energy supply, recovery, and storage solutions that are efficient, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. We develop, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain fuel cell systems for utilities, industry, and large power users, with solutions that include utility-scale and on-site power generation, carbon capture, local hydrogen production for transportation and industry, and long-term energy storage. Our mission is to transform natural resources into green energy, thus contributing to social and economic growth through building a clean and secure energy future.

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