‘Learn Learn Learn’, Dr. Henry Halladay’s acclaimed podumentary, is debuting its highly anticipated, seventh episode today with Q&A flashback review in tow.

BELLEVUE, WA, February 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Henry Halladay, Ph.D., PE returns for another installment of Learn Learn Learn, the beloved podumentary series that explores technology and the many ways it impacts our lives. In this new episode, titled ‘Integration Frustration’ Henry walks us through the tech implementation process across the spectrum, including the many setbacks and downsides that go along with it. He revisits some of his favorite subjects—transportation, robotics, automation, to name a few—and provides new updates as these areas grow and change over time.

This episode digs deeper into computer architecture and UFO sightings, while paying extra special attention to cybersecurity, biological 3D printing and pandemic related matters. As usual, Henry Halladay learns with us, imparting his growing knowledge on these subjects as they develop, while making the complex understandable every step of the way. 

“Technology is full of new challenges with every advancement,” explains Dr. Halladay, host of Learn Learn Learn. “This episode focuses not only on these advancements, but also on their implementation in our lives and the occasional frustration that goes along with it.”

Henry Halladay and his production team understand the importance of making such dense material relatable, which is why they prioritize accessibility with the production of this show. Season Two continues with its hallmark appearance now featuring motion picture video interspersed with the more familiar still images, allowing for a more immersive, dimensional experience.

“Some of the subject matter can be very dense and hard to understand,” says Halladay. “The job of Learn Learn Learn is to present these ideas to people in a way that is helpful and entertaining.”

Fans tuning into seventh episode, ‘Integration Frustration’, will once again be treated to a bonus episode of Learn Learn Learn; the brand new Q&A episode! Even though the question-and-answer format is rooted in the live radio tradition (unlike Learn Learn Learn proper) it is still given the royal treatment; it is a fully produced podumentary in its own right! So, essentially, viewers get two complete programs at once. This is true of all scheduled episodes going forward: Each new installment carries with it a Q&A reviewing last year’s material. Q&A Part 3, debuting today, also offers some exciting visual surprises at the end!

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