b5Beard is like a gentle flower, and if you want it to blossom, you should take care of it very well. Learn easy ways to maintain your beard in its ultimately healthy and beautiful condition. At manhattan barber shop we advise you to follow this list:

1.Shampoo regularly
Ultimately healthy beard maintenance starts with regular shampooing. Attention: regular doesn’t mean everyday. Try to find an optimal balance between too much and too little washing. At manhattan barber shop we recommend to shampoo your beard two or three times a week to keep it clean and preserve important oils.

2.Provide with moisture
Dehydration is one the most common problems you should avoid. The best way to keep your facial hair moisturized is to condition it regularly. Many guys underestimate the importance of conditioner; although, its one of the richest sources of hydration. Treat your beard to conditioner every time you shampoo and maintain needed moisture balance.

3.Maintain your shape
Beard should look like a beard, not like a messy bunch of hair on your face. For this reason, you should maintain suitable shape and style of your facial hair. You can easily do it yourself with the help of manicure scissors and beard trimmer. Another option is to see your barber for a trim one or two times per month.

4.Show who’s the boss
Facial hair is usually very coarse and unruly, but you have to show who’s the boss here! One of the best ways to keep your beard under control is to use beard oil. It will help to make your hair softer and much more obedient.

5.Keep neat and tidy
Once again, messy beard doesn’t look attractive and beautiful. That’s why you should do your best to keep it neat and tidy. Our recommendation is to purchase a special beard comb. It will help to get rid of any tangles and define needed direction of hair growth.

b66.Feed from the inside
Taking care of your beard only outside is not enough, you should also nurture it well from the inside. Exclude unhealthy food from your life and follow balanced diet. Start eating more fruits, vegetables, greens, dairies, meat, fish and whole grains. You should also pay more attention to the amount of water you drink every day – stay hydrated!

Now you know basic tips on how to take care of your beard, follow them and enjoy long healthy beard.

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