The whole-body workout device that lets you workout anywhere.

NEW YORK, NY, May 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sports equipment manufacturer “DESIGN5014 Co. LTD” is launching their portable, all-in-one home training product, “Muscle Rail Board,” on Kickstarter this May.

Muscle Rail Board uses latex material loop bands to give you a full body workout. You can also use the device like a pilates reformer to perform difficult adductor exercises – and even Kegels – while you’re at home.

To get an even better workout, you can adjust muscle Muscle Rail Board’s band length by using the latches on the straps and dock, giving you control over your workout intensity. Plus, Muscle Rail Board is also compatible with other exercise products, so you can use all kinds of loop bands to diversify your exercises.

The product design is quite simple. Muscle Rail Board uses an ABS plastic board and dual-platforms placed above two pipes. Meanwhile, the base frame uses a firm and reliable stainless steel pipe as its guide rail, and the bottom is coated with a nonslip finish to ensure safety while you exercise.

When you use noiseless wheels with Muscle Rail Board, it boasts the same universal portability as an ab roller. The base roller attached to the sliding board is detachable, and the sliding board’s noiseless wheels can even be used on rugs and carpets.Take Muscle Rail Board with you to work, or to your next travel destination. Rest assured that there will be no noise as it rolls along the floor.

The key to Muscle Rail Board’s motion is the sliding board’s 4 rollers. The rollers are concaved on top of the product’s two parallel pipes for smooth movement.Plus, the holes at the ends of the guard rail pipe let you reposition the cradle, and allow for easy assembly and disassembly. This also makes the product light and compact for easier storage.

Muscle Rail Board launches this May at a special discount on Kickstarter, and includes 1 year of free product defect warranty service after shipment.

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