Those who walk through the doors can expect a completely personalized cannabis shopping experience and now a delivery system.

DETROIT, MI, January 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Those who walk through the doors of Pure Roots in Ann Arbor can expect a completely personalized cannabis shopping experience.

After showing their ID, customers are directed to one of the touchscreen stations throughout the store. They log in – using their birth date and phone number – and new customers are asked a variety of questions, such as “How do you consume cannabis” and “How often do you consume cannabis” in order to identify their tolerance levels.

“Using the iPad app we created, our system will match them with products available in our inventory with the appropriate level of THC,” said Reni George, Pure Roots’ vice president of governmental affairs. “Beyond that, our budtenders will also ask them questions, make recommendations and give information.”

For instance, budtenders will let customers know – if they’ve never taken an edible before – that they should cut an individual 10mg THC gummy in half and wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before expecting the first dose to kick in.

“People will eat two or three gummies – and then once that train leaves the station, it’s not coming back, and it’ll be a bad experience. We want customers to consume cannabis safely,” said George. “No customer is walking around our stores by themselves; it’s a guided tour.”

To stay sanitary during the COVID-19 pandemic, all transactions are made via self-payment kiosks and all cash is UV treated. Everything sold at Pure Roots is prepackaged in boutique boxes with a de-humidification packet – allowing for long lasting potency, aroma and flavor.

At Pure Roots, they do full terpene profile testing on the cannabis to sort it into four categories – Rest, Relief, Revive and Reflect – making it easier for individuals to decide what kind of feeling they want to achieve.

“Rest will give you that sleepy, body relaxed feeling. Relief offers total pain relief and muscle relaxation. Revive is an uplifting, euphoric experience. And Reflect is a head high, so if you’re an artist who wants to be creative, this is the strain for you,” George said.

Pure Roots has made a pledge to its customers to never sell remediated cannabis. Remediated cannabis is marijuana that has failed regulatory testing for contaminants and are then treated to remove mold, yeast and other microbial pathogens.

“Farmers do this so they don’t lose their crop. There are several methodologies, such as washing their crop with hydrogen peroxide, putting it through a UV light, or baking it in a microwave – all of which deteriorate the flavor,” said George. “Many other cannabis businesses won’t tell you if their product is remediated; the state doesn’t require you to publicize it. So, you’ll end up having a harsher and more earthy taste to the cannabis, which will burn the back of your throat. And people just think that’s normal.”

George said that’s why they won’t work with any cultivator who sells remediated products. Before working with anyone, someone from Pure Roots will tour the facility and make sure they don’t have any remediation machines in order to guarantee that their products are 100 percent uncontaminated.

“We’re really a premium store. The shopping experience and our budtenders’ knowledge sets us apart,” he said.

George comes from a private equity background – opening several retail stores across the state before deciding to expand into the cannabis industry. He and his colleagues launched Pure Roots in April 2020 – opening the first location at 3430 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor. They will be expanding this year, opening a second location in January at 26673 Lawrence Ave, Centerline. They are planning to open a third location in Battle Creek in February and a fourth in Lansing in March.

They will also be launching a delivery app at the end of February where customers can order products off their phones and then see a map of the delivery vehicle, on its way to their home – much like the Uber app.

“They don’t have to wait around all day for their product to show up. They can go about their day and get notifications as the car gets closer,” he said.

One reason George decided to get into this industry is because he believes in the health benefits of cannabis – not only from ingestion but also from using it topically. For instance, a pharmacist once contacted him, telling him that his mother, who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, was in pain from chemotherapy.

“He didn’t want to give his mother narcotics and asked if I could give her something topical. So, I did, and she absolutely loves it and orders it every other week. That’s a licensed pharmacist who has everything at his disposal, yet this is what worked best for his mother to relieve her pain,” said George.

This is one of George’s favorite parts about the business – being able to help people like this. He also enjoys when people return to Pure Roots, saying that this is the best cannabis product they have ever consumed.

“This makes us feel proud that we’ve gone through the painstaking effort of offering a curated menu. We came up with a model, stuck to our guns, and it’s great to see that customers appreciate that,” he said.

Pure Roots offers edibles, pre-rolls, flower, vape cartridges, CBD products, topical ointments and patches, accessories, and more.

For more information and to schedule a delivery or pick-up, visit

When Pure Roots opened its doors in mid-2020, its goal was to create an elevated retail experience to buy premium bespoke cannabis products. Pure Roots custom delivers each customer their ideal form of cannabis enjoyment in flower, oil, edibles, topicals and CBD products. Now as we celebrate 2022, Pure Roots has much to celebrate. January marks National CBD Month, the opening of a new Dispensary in Centerline and the launch of the Pure Roots Mobile Proprietary App for ecommerce and delivery, in the first quarter which will provide real time tracking on your delivery by the minute.

Pure Roots conducts an extra level of testing, above the state requirement to classify each of the flower strains by terpenes. Terpenes are essential oils naturally found in the cannabis plant that in conjunction with the cannabinoid profile helps us determine how a customer will “FEEL” when smoking Pure Roots flower. We classify those “FEELS” as REFLECT, RELIEF, REVIVE, AND REST.

Reflect Flower help improve mood and enhance focus, Relief Flower help alleviate pain and encourage relaxation, Revive Flower help boost energy and increase focus and Rest Flower help relax the body and improve mood.

Whether you are a newbie or cannabis connoisseur, using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes a Pure Roots budtender will put together a group of cannabis product recommendations based on information the customer provides while working with them.

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