Residents Medical Group was one of 30 companies listed by the Silicon Review for innovation.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Michael Everest and his company, Residents Medical Group, recently received recognition as one of the companies named on the innovative list by the Silicon Review. Only 30 were named, and Everest gained recognition for his company.

Residents Medical Group helps medical graduates to make it into the medical residency and fellowship process. They understand that this can be an exciting time for many and one full of stress. It’s unrealistic for medical students to be completely prepared to find the right match for a residency program.

Too often, the more privileged students with built-in connections have an automatic leg up on everyone else. Dr. Everest hopes that his company can provide the tools to put everyone on even ground.

The entire team at Residents Medical Group is ready to provide strategies that will help throughout the entire process. Whether it is early on in the residency application stage, or post-match strategies, it’s important to have information available along the way during such a critical stage.

Residents Medical Group came to be when Dr. Michael Everest and his wife, Agata Everest, noticed that many students didn’t have the resources to make sound decisions. Dr. Michael Everest has been through the process before on his own, and he knows just how much he would have benefitted from a setup like Residents Medical Group when he was younger. There is always competition throughout the process, and getting help from real professionals would make a huge difference.

Dr. Michael Everest is a believer in improving medical student education overall. Along with Residents Medical Group, he runs a non-profit organization called the Everest Foundation.

With this foundation, he helps raise money and set up programs for improved educational opportunities for medical students. He works directly with schools and private donors to make it a reality.

Dr. Everest works with his wife, Agata Everest, the chairwoman of The Everest Foundation. It all came to be a way for Michael to keep his father’s legacy living. The foundation is named in honor of the late Dr. Edwin Everest.

The Silicon Review loves the innovation and new approach to helping medical students with residency programs. While there are other aids out there, The different approach taken by Residents Medical Group makes it stand out. All information about the company can be found on their website.

Dr. Michael Everest is a practicing educator dedicating his life as an academic doctor based out of Southern California. He is the founder, chairman and chief academic officer of Residents Medical Group and the founder of the Everest Foundation. He and his wife, Agata Everest, continue to work towards benefiting the future of medicine by making life better for medical graduates and the community.

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