In this delightful and educational story, a curious and observant child learns the importance and benefit of our relationship with nature.

NEW YORK, NY, March 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Young Naidra doesn’t watch television or play on devices—they are much too busy reading about nature, enjoying the warm sunshine, and watching the creatures around them. When the child finds they can communicate with a bee, they learn the importance of connecting meaningfully with the natural world around them. This fun, rhyming story, expertly written by neuroscience and psychology professional Gregory A. Kanhai, emphasizes reading, research, and being kind to nature.

The story’s character Naidra, a gender-neutral child of color, enjoys being outside where they watch the flowering plants and a caterpillar crunching on leaves. When, the next day, the caterpillar is nowhere in sight, Naidra reads up on its life stages, learning about its transition from egg to larva, pupa, and winged adult. For weeks, Naidra stays vigilant in their search for clues as to the caterpillar’s whereabouts and, in the process, becomes fascinated by the comings and goings of a busy bee buzzing from flower to flower, learning about its mission.

They drink sweet nectar for their food, and carry pollen to their brood, on their abdomen and hairy back limbs, like tiny baskets filled to the brim.

Naidra is startled when the bee speaks to them, asking why the child has been staring at it each day, and is even more surprised when the bee understands as Naidra explains trying to solve the mystery of the missing caterpillar. The bee shares that insects and birds can see things that humans can’t because their sight is in ultra-v, with shades of colors unknown to people’s eyes.

[The bee] quietly replied, “It is not a skill to be learned, but a pollinator’s kind gift to be earned, by caring for plants and showing full concern.”

Naidra’s careful stewardship and interest in the natural world around them gives the child a surprise they never dreamed of and an end to the caterpillar mystery that is glorious, showing that engaging with nature and being kind to plants, insects, and birds has its own reward.

Author Gregory A. Kanhai masterfully weaves an entertaining story steeped in the wonder and joy of nature and its fascinating role in our lives. Kanhai’s background as a person of science brings a unique perspective to the science of wellbeing in connection with nature, and his picture book Naidra’s Pollinator Sight will be a welcome invitation for further discussion by families and educators of young children.

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