Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology has introduced enhanced content for the skin care clinic in Foster City.

SAN MATEO, CA, September 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, a highly rated skin care clinic in Foster City at, is pleased to announce new content. Residents of Foster City, San Mateo, Burlingame, and other Bay Area Peninsula cities might need support for better skin. Modern skin care technologies can help men and women achieve smoother, younger-looking skin as they mature.

“We are proud of our newly upgraded website. The content was designed to help Bay Area residents find answers and the best road to fixing their personal skin problem,” comments Dr. Miguel Canales, Medical Director of the Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology. “We are living in a wonderful new age where the results of skin care treatments can last longer and look better.”
Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is a modern skin care clinic providing cosmetic and dermatological skin services. The newly renovated website includes a page about state-of-the-art skin care treatments: Other more specific and newly rebooted pages include laser skin rejuvenation (, Botox (, and the Halo Procedure ( Thus, the website has a wealth of information for Internet surfers, but anyone seeking better-looking skin is encouraged to reach out for a free skin consultation. In addition, the clinic provides professional laser tattoo removal, hair removal, and clinical facials.


Here is the background on this release. Technology workers in the Bay Area, a region known for its innovation and rapid pace, should recognize the parallels between the evolving tech industry and the changes skin undergoes as we age. Just as technology continually updates and refines itself, our skincare regimen should similarly evolve to address the unique challenges that come with age. In a professional environment where first impressions matter, maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance can offer an edge, both in confidence and perception by others. Modern skincare technologies, such as laser skin resurfacing, provide a precise and efficient means to counteract these age-related changes. By embracing these advanced treatments, San Mateo’s tech professionals can ensure that their exterior presentation mirrors the cutting-edge nature of their work, thus harmonizing both personal and professional aspirations. A private, confidential consultation can be the first step towards a more youthful appearance.


Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology ( is a top-rated skin care clinic serving Peninsula clients in Foster City. The medical spa employs best-in-class estheticians and skin care ‘doctors’ (called in the vernacular) for San Mateo, Burlingame, Belmont, Redwood City, and south of San Carlos. The skin care clinic offers various treatments, including microdermabrasion, laser skin rejuvenation, nano skin peel, micro skin peel, and therapy. Skin tightening regimes and photo facials are also available at the clinic. Bay Area residents searching for injectables can find a list of brands such as Botox®, Belotero, Juvederm, and Kybella. Persons considering treatments for adult acne and other medical dermatology problems can support the clinic.

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