The State of Emergency Lawyers (SUDAN) / SUDAN DAWN (USA)

DALLAS, TX, February 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — SUDAN – The use of torture and targeted assassinations of civilian activists continuing to be the only tool of choice used by the Military Junta to deal with the anti-coup & pro-democracy groups leading the peaceful protest movement across Sudan.

Under the so-called State of Emergency declared on October 25th by the military coup leaders, repressive tactics by the security forces and militias continuing to take place in Khartoum and other cities. The actions of General Al Burhan and his deputy (the Janjaweed leader Hamdan Dagalo) substantiate the fact that the military doesn’t have any intention to relinquish power and put back the country into the path of democracy. Instead, a large-scale repressive and brutal campaign is continuing to grow in various cities in Sudan.

Under the watchful eye of the entire world, the opposition groups have lost at least 80 lives thus far for merely expressing their opposition to the coup and demanding the restoration of the civilian government. Furthermore, thousands have either been incarcerated or disappeared and currently unaccounted for. More recently, the Sudanese Security Forces started to utilize technical help from abroad (i.e.; Russia and Israel) through technologies like the Pegasus (spyware) and the Blue Wolf Surveillance Technology to identify and assassinate activist leaders.

The Soba detention facility – in the suburbs of Khartoum – known to house the headquarters of the Russian Wagner group in Sudan, have been turned into a notorious prison holding an unknown number of activists and political prisoners. Based on reliable testimonies from eyewitnesses, the use of torture is a routine happening in that facility.

The enclosed updated list contains the names of detainees. The list was published by “The State of Emergency Lawyers” and “Sudan Dawn” (groups based in Sudan and the United States). Attempts to provide legal representation or even meet these detainees have thus far not been successful. The coup leaders should be held accountable for the wellbeing of all these detainees.

This is the updated list as of February 8, 2022. The total known number is 105 detainees.

SUDAN DAWN and the Sudanese American Coalition for Democracy in Sudan (SACD)
aims to advocate for effective democracy in Sudan – democracy that works for all Sudanese. SACD works with governments, organizations and individuals to further the causes of freedom, peace, justice and prosperity for all communities across Sudan through engagement to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

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