Swiss/German born actor Sarah Josephine Bosch is not only gorgeous to look at but she is also extremely talented and passionate about her craft in a final performance way.

So far, she has been fortunate enough to work her magic on TV sets like “The Deuce” with James Franco or “Elementary” with Lucy Lu, as well as blow several audiences away playing the role of ”Distance” in the German theatre production ”This Could Be Heaven”.

We recently caught up with this hard-working star to find out what’s new? What sets her apart from other actors? And what are her biggest achievements so far?

Sarah recently moved to New York City where she is in the process of finalizing a short film she co-wrote and produced based on her journey. She is also collaborating with a few in-house producers for her upcoming EP “Chapter I” as well as has various meetings and a long over due media run.

Obviously, everyone would like to work with the crème de la crème of the industry, and we understand Sarah for her ability to set high goals for herself. Sarah tells us: “The industry is a tough business and you need to be tougher to survive if you want to reach any success in New York”. However, we’ve seen her actor’s reel and perhaps some prominent producers should too. Even though she’s had leading roles in various productions, her ever-growing reel is what showcases her pure and genuine talent.

She has a very natural appearance on camera. Sarah brings the character to life with ease. It’s a rare gift to portray a role in a genuine way like Sarah does.

Sarah explains: “The only way to get better is practice, practice, and practice – you know, once a beginner, always an expert,” Sarah speaks multiple languages such as English, German, French and Spanish, and that sets her apart. Her ability to cry, use accents and her body language per role has been beneficial to her success. Introducing real emotions in front of a camera is probably one of the most difficult things to master as an actor or actress, and she seems to be the one with the script.

America meet Sarah J. Bosch another European import coming for her slice of the pie.

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