Accomplishments of Tech Innovation Global Inc.: Fund Series A

HUNTSVILLE, AL January 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Silicon Review will present a feature about Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s differentiators, services, challenges, road map, strength, and unique (USP) to the customers worldwide. We have a $200 Million fund goal 2022 to 2031 for opportunities in tech initiatives, seerletics (, collaborate in aquaponics in Enviro Culture™ and new technology initiatives, in private industry on various socio-economic sectors, and platforms local to global to bring businesses to community.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s launch is in association with VewNow and powered by Designistic, co-powered by The Web where you can also feature your company. Tech Innovation Global Inc. and companies seek WOSB Alicia Carroll with the following:

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The Silicon Review is a leading global business magazine. Alicia Carroll has been appointed recently as Managing Partner. We appreciated your business. Tech Innovation Global Inc. app services will be for many sectors and countries. You can download the app in 2022, as you pay now for services performed scan the QR code or pay at

Use additional safety to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Tech Innovation Global Inc. performed roles outstanding and seeking global joint ventures. Tech Innovation Global app is a guide to careers, businesses, community, health, and science to bring economic development to rural areas. You can contact us at 1-888-214-1033 for sales quote followed by invoice, contract, or collaborate to fill services and products for countries and increase equality. You receive compensation or paid work within ownership of your company, for especially process improvements. Consultants work together since 2015 in expert areas. You might need to pay personnel for services, therefore your company may consist of experts with excellent performance. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s resources can assist today. During a developmental program, you will also have to demonstrate reliability for new issues, changes or abnormal occurrences. Contact us at 1-888-214-1033 or for a sales quote followed by invoice, collaborate to fill services and products. We are announcing Fund Series A investment for the Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s app which is currently web-based for your company and individuals as Tech Innovation Global Inc. reaches the globe.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated and businesses perform assessments, large to small corporations with skills and talents to respond to new initiatives and missions. We also collaborate in innovation from local to global. We support economic equality, community and abroad at Tech Innovation Global Inc. We are a Global Partner in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, and abroad in technology, global workforce solutions, environmental, culture, safety and sustainability. Pay at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated where globally connecting countries and cultures as we are supported by Chambers including recipient of the “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards”. Countries can invest, purchase products or services by equity-stock, BPA, purchase request, sales quote, or credit card for analysis as we provide product development, mental health, financial planners, nutrition services, translations, specialized training to workforce development, and vendor products for your companies today at Tech Innovation Global Inc. 600 Boulevard Huntsville, AL 35802, Contact (888) 214-1033

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