“A book that challenges a reader’s view on American President Donald J. Trump, author Michael Brachman outlines techniques that explain Trump’s political appeal and campaign-style ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Trump May Win 2020, a groundbreaking book by author and researcher Michael Brackman, explores the technical mechanics of President Donald J. Trump’s political appeal and forecasts tools for victory in the 2020 Presidential Election.

In Trump May Win 2020, readers learn firsthand about the technical mechanics of President Donald Trump’s campaign and his political and social appeal. With in-depth analyses of effective strategies taught to Trump by a world-renowned NLP Practitioner, this book reveals how President Trump swayed the electoral vote and came into power in the 2016 President Election. A fresh take on President Trump, the book challenges readers and their views.

A fascinating read for those interested in American politics, political campaigns, sociopolitical issues, and electoral psychology, this captivating novel infiltrates the minds of the American public and one of the most dynamic politicians and political campaigns in American history.

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About The Author

Michael Brackman has been an avid student of psychology, sociology, and subjects concerning human behavior and human potential since age 15. As an adult, he continued his interest and studies into the human condition in hopes of finding answers to the questions that lingered in his curious mind. An avid writer for over three decades, Trump May Win 2020, Brackman’s debut novel, seeks to answer lingering questions concerning American President Donald Trump, including his political appeal and 2020 election prospects.

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