Notification- a specific, timely recommendation for a single thing. For example let’s say a news app. News app might want to mention a news story so it will pop notification on every news update. But sometimes frequent popping up of these notifications disturbs us.
Irritated from unwanted notifications on your Android device?
No problem. You can simply turn off annoying notifications from your Android app in your device. Besides annoying you, these notifications can also drain your phone’s battery life. Let’s follow some steps using which you can stop this notifications.
Here are some steps using which you can turn off notifications:
•Switching off Android app notifications is the coolest task ever. You just need a few fingertips on your phone.
• First step is, go to your phone Settings and then go to Application Manager.
• Now, in the App info settings screen uncheck Show Notifications option.
That’s it and now you are free from these notifications. So, by following the above steps you can easily turn off the notifications for any Android app in your device.
But, it is advisable not to turn off the app notifications because they always come with the important news, deals and offers for you.
However for some cases that you are getting troubled a lot by any app due to the push notifications again and again when you don’t need anymore, then you turn them off for any specific app by using the above steps.
Note: Settings may differ little for various mobile devices.