LOS ANGELES, CA, USA– Health-conscious and innovation-focused vaporizer company Linx Vapor is proud to announce the release of a refillable oil vape pen, the Linx Hermes 3, compatible with any viscosity that promises large clouds, great flavors, and less waste.

The Hermes 3 is the next generation in, refillable vape pens designed to eliminate oil waste and provide amazing flavor.  The device raises the bar with the ability to vaporize any oil at viscosity.

Each viscosity of oil needs a specific type of atomizer for optimal use. With more variety comes more waste. The Linx Hermes 3 features a revolutionary ceramic bowl atomizer instead of a wick.  Together with large oil inlets, the device vaporizes any oil at any viscosity. The days of having to tailor fit your atomizer to your oil are gone. Adding three pre-programmed temperature settings and you get a device that produces massive clouds, unrivaled pure flavor, and no oil waste.

That’s right, no oil waste.  Everyone that has purchased an oil cartridge has come across that a small percentage of oil that refuses to vaporize. On Hermes 3, the Linx team designed the refillable cartridge by positioning the oil inlets at the bottom floor of the atomizer. These gravity-fed oil inlets allow the oil to pass directly onto the atomizer, virtually eliminating all oil waste.

Disposable cartridges are all the rage these days.  While convenient, they are made with countless different components making them extremely hard to recycle. The Linx Hermes 3, on the other hand, is completely refillable. One Hermes 3 cartridge removes a handful of these disposable cartridges from our oceans and landfills.  Using refillable atomizers is a much-needed step in the right direction to help improve our environment.

The people at Linx are known for being at the forefront of health consciousness. They have made it a point to minimize the use of plastics throughout their entire product line. Hermes 3 is no exception. Crafted from 100% medical grade stainless steel rather than alloy metal, Hermes 3 completely roots out heavy metals in their cartridges.  Linx Hermes 3 is tested heavy metals free by a third-party lab.

Flavor, health, and craftsmanship are three words that have become synonymous with the Linx Vapor name and as always, the Hermes 3 continues that tradition. For more information on the Linx Hermes 3, please visit LinxVapor.com, or follow the link: Click Here. 

About Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor began making headlines within the vaporizer community back in 2016.

Now, Linx boasts an array of award-winning vaporizers. Their concentrate vaporizers include the newly launched Linx Blaze with dual atomizers, the Hypnos Zero with a ceramic plate chamber, the Linx Ares honey straw vaporizer, and the Linx Ember.

For dry herb vaporizers, they began with the Linx Gaia and recently introduced the budget-friendly Linx Eden.

Linx Vapor’s attention to detail and focus on health consciousness has landed them many top awards including “Best Vaporizer for Dry Herb and Extracts,” “Best Discrete Vaporizer” and “Most Affordable Vaporizer” by leading industry media such as Forbes, Medium, High Times, Gizmodo, Leafly and Herb.

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