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ATLANTA, GA, September 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — EV Hotel AI Hotel Brand

EV Evolution Venue Hotel, the world’s first AI smart tech hotel brand, today announced the opening of new locations in Tampa Bay, Florida and Washington DC Set to open in 2025, the hotels will bring The EV Hotel’s signature modern luxury experience to more guests across global markets.

“The hospitality industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies, but The EV Hotel is changing that,” said Ken Patel, Chairman of The EV Hotel. “By leveraging AI and smart home automation, we are able to streamline operations, reduce costs and provide guests with a truly customized experience tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Pioneering the future of hospitality, The EV Hotel combines intelligent automation and personalized service to create an unparalleled guest experience. Each location features IoT devices and AI systems that streamline operations and enhance convenience, allowing staff to focus on high-touch customer service. Guests can enjoy an array of amenities through their in-room tablet or mobile app, including controlling lighting, temperature, entertainment, smart mirror, smart shower, and more. Guests can save their preferences to receive a personalized experience each time they stay. The hotels will also utilize AI and machine learning to analyze trends and refine operations to maximize efficiency.

“When I joined EV Hotel, I knew there was something extremely special happening here and being led by a true visionary, Mr. Ken Patel. There is nothing harder in life than being too early to identify a need and opportunity in the market. Ken has done such an exceptional job maintaining that EV Excitement, and it’s great to see cities and municipalities such as Tampa Bay & Washington D.C., and others around the world identifying the need for this type of hotel, and how it will enhance their cities as a true destination, increase employment rates, and really have a positive impact on the entire local economy. EV Hotel is truly the Tesla of the hospitality industry and I believe strongly in the brand and its iconic mark on the industry.” – stated Brian J. Esposito CEO & Founder Esposito Intellectual Enterprises & Chief Investment & Strategy Officer EV Hotel.

Each EV Hotel location will feature luxurious facilities like trade floor, NFT lobby/guestrooms, rooftop pools, full-service med spas, and cycling studio. With smart sensors and analytics integrated property-wide, The EV Hotel staff gain data-driven insights into guest preferences and can anticipate needs, resolving issues before they arise.

“EV Hotels has unique potential under Ken Patel’s visionary leadership. Recognizing market needs ahead of time is challenging, but Ken masterfully keeps the EV spirit alive. It’s heartening to see global cities like Tampa Bay & Washington D.C. embrace our values. EV Hotel stands as the hospitality industry’s Tesla, and I wholeheartedly believe in its transformative impact.” – Neeti Dewan, CFO EV Hotel.

“The EV Hotel is pioneering a new era of socially conscious hospitality that resonates with our guests,” said Sal Achieves, Executive Vice President Asset Management of The EV Hotel. “By combining world-class design, sustainable practices, local partnerships, and technology, we have created a travel experience that is as inspiring as the destinations we serve.

I am elated for the announcement of the integration of two prime locations: Tampa Bay, Florida, and Washington DC, to our expanding portfolio EV Hotel, distinguished as one of the most avant-garde players in the hospitality sector, is a testament to CEO Ken Patel’s forward-thinking vision and innovative strategy. The future of hospitality is unfolding before our eyes, and under the leadership of CEO Ken Patel, EV Hotels is confidently charting this new course. Join us on this transformative journey. Executive Head of Franchise Communications Nayana Nancy Patel

With additional locations planned for major cities around the world, The EV Hotel is bringing the future of hospitality to travelers everywhere.

About The EV Hotel
The EV Evolution Venue Hotel is the world’s first AI smart tech hotel brand. Headquartered in Atlanta, The EV Hotel combines IoT technology and AI-powered systems with dedicated staff service to provide guests an unparalleled experience. Each EV Hotel location offers a signature restaurant, business and leisure facilities, and high-tech amenities, all controlled via in-room tablet and mobile app. For more information, visit

The World’s Smart Hotel Brand. Ken Patel is honored to be the youngest chairman of the United States.

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