PITTSBURGH, PA, April 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — American-luxury spirits producer, ONE ROQ announces yet another opportunity for investors as it hits 115 stores across Pennsylvania and gears up to launch its digital strategy that would bolster sales in the control state and commence the company’s broader sales and marketing plan for 2023. ONE ROQ invites investors and spirit lovers alike to partake in its latest SEC-compliant public investment Offering live at ONEROQOffering3.com.

In 2021, the adult beverage industry generated over $1.4 trillion in sales globally. The US market comprises roughly 20 global distillers who supply less than five major distributors supplying the market’s alcohol. In recent years, the pandemic has given way to growth in e-commerce providing opportunities for new entrants to overcome industry barriers if they can position unique strategy.

ONE ROQ is currently powered by 5,000 global consumer-shareholders, and differentiates itself through award-winning products and an exclusive online membership platform, offering drinkers a suite of rewards and access to SEC-compliant investment offerings utilizing the Jobs Act.

ONE ROQ’s New capital offering serves to transition the startup from tech development to a sales-focused organization with the aim of materializing value for early and new investors.

The Company has announced the development of a high-conversion digital sales asset that its investors now have the opportunity to scale. Doing so would generate store system sales at the PLCB and ensure the chance to expand a relationship with one of the country’s largest control state liquor systems.

To aid the transition, ONE ROQ has partnered with ad-tech firm MintCRO, with proven methodology of engineering high-growth online sales funnels. If funded by investors, ONE ROQ is ready to generate spirits sales, subscriptions to its wine and spirits marketplace, brand merch, and digital upgrades that offer lifestyle-enhancing rewards to modern drinkers, trave and entertainment enthusiasts.

As a beverage and technology brand, ONE ROQ believes low exposure and a long-view in proven markets are essential in today’s turbulent market environment.

“Startups, particularly those addressing immensely large markets with high barriers to entry, can take time to materialize,” shares Garrett Green, CEO. “In the current market environment, investors in startups need to adopt a long view to maximize outcome, but be very careful to not fall complacent to short-term capital requirements to keep plans on track.”

About ONE ROQ Spirits

ONE ROQ Spirits is a wine and spirits and technology company that produces the internationally award-winning vodka brand, ONE ROQ, and ONEROQClub.com, an exclusive online rewards club that unlocks access to monthly wine & spirits deals; thousands of fine dining and travel rewards, exclusive content, and company Investment Opportunities. Join over 5,000 global Investors with a vision to build the world’s first luxury spirit, owned exclusively by everyone. Learn, taste, and join the journey, at ONEROQClub.com.

For interviews or more information, email: pr@oneroqclub.com.

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